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About Jill Sanders...
Jill Sanders is a South Carolina based illustrator with a 28 year background in graphic design. Her technique involves very detailed and intricate graphite drawings on Bristol board, then scanning in and using Photoshop for colorizing. She then builds prints and other products (such as tote bags, t-shirts, cameo pendants, etc.) around each piece of art. Always experimenting, most themes include animals, beautiful women and lots of florals. She also creates some art solely in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and has recently dabbled in pen and ink.  Jill has worked in the printing industry since 1989 and has created designs for small and medium sized businesses during her freelance career. Past project/clients include Bridgewater Candle Company, Tiltworks, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Disney Cruise Lines, Grace Management, Votivo, Tattoo Apparel, Healing Herbs/Original Purity, Wicked Chamber, Privileged Fashions.